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Our Products

Our range of printers are capable of print heights between 10mm and 51mm and up to 356 vertical DPI (dependant on engine technology and angle). All of our printers are highly configurable to meet the unique needs of every client.

PostJet Product Features Advantage to You
Very high-speed printing Extremely high print speeds of up to 5 metres a second (300m/min)
High quality printing standards Print quality of up to 306 horizontal DPI
Fully featured interfaces and emulation modes No need for expensive re-work of existing infrastructure as we regularly emulate obsolete technology, making upgrading “plug and play” solution
Easy to install, use and maintain Very low installation and maintenance costs
A very low cost of ownership Lowest cost of ownership in the Postal Market
Intuitive built-in touch screen operation and diagnostics Makes it simple to control, monitor and deliver your print runs
Flexible image management options with local and/or enterprise storage Provides you with the flexibility and versatility you need to deliver your customers’ requirements
Flexible print heights (up to 120mm) Fantastic flexibility to deal with a wide range of print runs without time consuming, costly resetting of mailing equipment

600 Series

Latest technology, 195mm print height

Integrated touch screen

470 TS

Based on our existing 450 / 460 technology

Improved contrast at higher speeds

Improved maintenance capabilities with designated ink and electronics sections

450 & 460

Integrated fully functional controller

Small footprint

Web enabled

Most cost effective solution for single sided applications

1040 Inkjet

Wide format solution, with a variable print height of 50mm within a 120mm print zone

External controller with integrated touch screen

Ideal for flats or larger letters, or stamp-up mail

550/560 Inkjet

External controller for up to 2 independent print stations

Effective solution for two sided or dual zone printing

Integrated touch screen