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The PostJet 600 Postal Series

Postjet 670 printers are leading the
way in high speed and hi-resolution inkjet printing.

Our 600 Series printer is a revolutionary printing solution for the postal sector. This next generation of modular printing technology, encompassing new proprietary architecture developed to meet the demanding needs of high resolution and high-speed postal printing.

The print engine has been upgraded to provide improved print quality, reliability, and service life. The 670 is designed for full coverage flats printing and/or mixed mail.

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The 600 Series comes with an integrated colour touchscreen control panel making it the latest ‘printer in a box’ from the world’s leading provider of printing solutions to the postal sector. Capable of high speed, high resolution and up to A4 size print coverage, the 600 series is the printer designed to meet the future demands of the postal industry.

  • Full coverage flats and mixed mail printing capability
  • Print swathe from 32mm up to 195mm for contiguous print
  • Flexible zone printing all at up to 300dpi
  • Speeds of 5m/s at 150dpi or 2.5m/s at 300dpi
  • Integrated colour touchscreen for maintenance and diagnostics

Technical Overview

  • CPU – Multicore High performance
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • SDCard for Jobs/True Type Fonts
  • Max ink umbilical length 2m
  • Max line speed 5m/s
  • Max Throughput 30 per second (> 100K per hour)
  • 1 Encoder input, 1 trigger input
  • RS232
  • RS422
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP and FTP client)
  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • Max stored Job (on SD CARD) > 1000
  • Max on-the-fly-jobs > 1000
  • Datamatrix, Postnet, Planet, IMB, ITF, QR Code, 4 State, Mailmark capable
  • Factory air not required
  • External Power Supply
  • 4 minute start-up from cold
  • Ink 1 litre or 3 litre bags.
  • Black, Blue (other colours available)