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The PostJet 470 TS

Postjet 400 Series includes the very latest print technologies available.

The 470 TS postal printer is an ultra-high speed versatile ink jet printer, specifically designed to address the needs of postal applications including addressing, re-addressing, cancellation, and indicia printing.
Key characteristics of this printer are its ability to print 32mm print heights at line speeds of up to 5.3m/s (dependant on resolution). Every 470 TS has 2 of our latest suite of print engines and prints between 288 DPI and 384 DPI horizontal by 300 DPI vertical.

This printer builds on the 450s/460s integrated controller and LCD technology with new soft touch buttons and designated wet and electronic sections, which allows for easier maintenance.

It supports standalone operation as well as host interfaces including RS422, RS23, Ethernet and discrete I/O for embedded applications.

Print Specification

No. of Print Engines


Total Print Height


Max Line Speed

3.9m/s @ 384 (2 x 192 horizontal) DPI x 300 DPI (vertical)

5.3m/s @ 288 (2 x 144 horizontal) DPI x 300 DPI (vertical)